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All of our fish are supplied by Quality Marine and Oceans Reefs and Aquariums (ORA).

Quality Marine is a MAC certified operator who is widely recognized as the premier marine fish provider in North America. Quality Marine’s short supply chain and state of the art holding facility ensure that our customers get the healthiest marine life available.

ORA is the largest marine ornamental hatchery in North America producing aquacultured saltwater fish, invertebrates, and live aquarium foods for environmentally conscientious aquarists throughout the world.

Every fish is given a one hour medicated bath before being added to our systems. In addition we employ two large “high output” ultra-violet sterilizers to eradicate any waterborne pathogens.

We will only sell fish that we consider to be healthy, disease free and are eating.

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What is Nitrate and How to Control It

Nitrate is the end product of nitrification in the aquarium. The nitrate molecule is composed of one nitrogen atom and three oxygen atoms (NO3). Fish and animals excrete waste in the form of ammonia (NH3) which is toxic to marine organisms. This is broken down to nitrite (NO2) by aerobic bacteria. Nitrite can be toxic to aquatic life depending on the pH of the water. The final stage of nitrification occurs when another species of aerobic bacteria break down the nitrite molecule into nitrate. We test for nitrate levels in the aquarium to determine the nutrient level of the water. Are goal is to keep the nitrate level as low as possible. In fish only systems nitrates should not be allowed to exceed 60 parts per million (ppm). The affects of high nitrate levels on fish may include, nervous behavior, pale color, rapid respiration, lateral line disease and overall poor health. Reef aquariums with high intensity lighting and increased levels of nitrates provide ideal conditions for nuisance algae to grow. Algae use nitrate as a food source and if they are allowed to grow unchecked they will out compete other species of marine life for space and eventually smother coral in the tank. Therefore it is recommended to keep nitrate levels in reef aquariums at less than 5.0 ppm. Corals may also uptake nitrate as a food source so small amounts at near undetectable levels are acceptable as long as unwanted algae growth is controlled. Fortunately there are a number

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New Arrivals


Flame Angel

Centropyge loricula – $41.99


Orange Spotted Blenny

Blenniella chrysospilos – $34.99

Percula Clown

Amphiprion percula – $19.99

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